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Bye Bye Baby' by Prana Songbird

"Confetti in a Windstorm by Prana Songbird


R&B SONG / Confetti in a Windstorm by Prana Songbird


Prana Songbird ~ Vocalist 

Thomas Marolda ~ Writer, Producer 

Thomas Marolda ~ Mixed and Mastered

All instruments were played by Thomas Marolda 


 Confetti in a Windstorm, written and produced by Thomas Marolda again showcases her rich, organic vocal style with a bit of fun that we haven't seen as much before. Her other release "The River" features Randy Stephens and was also Produced by Thomas Marolda. Easily one of the best vocalists of our generation,



This is the third release after ‘Listen Like t’s Gospel’ by Prana Songbird feat. Richie Sambora, written and produced by Thomas Marolda. This single has been released through Sony Orchard, is streaming on Spotify and is placed in the upcoming film Love, Song & Power due for release in 2023.


Prana has toured internationally to critical acclaim. The songs are also featured in the upcoming movie, Love Song & Power. The movie features Prana as one of the lead characters also featuring Aaron Jackson,Jason Menz, Ivan Vargas, Tay Lindsay with a special appearance by Deborah Smith Ford.


While performing on international stages, she has also worked with Grammy-winning musicians. Most recently, she toured with The Honey Creepers Band and performed with Spirit of The Gulf Chorus. She collaborated with Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Paul Miles,''

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MY Reviews/Press


Thomas Marolda


 I am so honored to have worked with this outstanding vocalist and her ability to bring a song to life as she does here. Everyone needs to listen like it's gospel to her emotion and you will be touched!

Thomas Marolda

Grammy Award Winning Producer/Songwriter

Anselm Andersen

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 10.24.09

Sambora is the ample musician to present Songbird's heartening vocal timbre to the accompaniment of string arrangements. The sultry and soulful atmosphere allows Prana to tell a story to the backdrop of an impressive backing band.

Words by Anselm Anderson

Rock and Blues Muse


Through the story and richness of the song combined with her powerful, expressive voice, the song is an anthem. Easily one of the best vocalists of our generation, Prana has toured internationally to critical acclaim.

Rock and Blues Muse

Paul Miles


This is a big song delivered by a powerful voice. Prana Songbird does carry the weight of responsibility in bringing this song home to our hearts.

Paul J MIles




Marlene Palumbo 



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